Diaper Cakes – A Unique and Useful Gift

Everyone loves a baby shower. Once the time for the expectant mother to deliver draws near, a shower is expected. Usually a close friend of the mother gives the shower. It is always a wonderful surprise for the mother- to- be and she will have the opportunity to be given many of the necessary things that she will need for the baby. Although in the past it was not possible to know the sex of the baby in advance, now it is helpful in planning for the arrival of the baby. Knowing the sex of the baby can help to establish the theme for the shower and it can help the guests to buy more appropriate clothes and gifts for the baby.

Diaper cakes are one such gift. Diaper cakes are a very popular shower gift. These gifts come in a wide variety of choices. Diaper cakes are diapers that are rolled connected and stacked so that they resemble a tiered cake. The diapers cakes are then decorated similar to a cake and are literally a cake of diapers. These cakes come in many themes and designs. There are diaper cakes made especially for girls. These have pink decorations and bows. Blue cakes for boys have a decidedly more masculine theme. There are cakes that are not gender specific that come with decorations such as balloons, teething rings and pacifiers.

It is also possible to make your own diaper cakes. The instructions are very simple and easy to make. You take a diaper and roll it up then secure it with a rubber band. This will be the center of a layer or you can use a baby bottle. Next, you roll more diapers and add them to the perimeter of the cake around the first diaper and secure with a rubber band. Each layer has more diapers. Baby gifts can be inserted into the diaper cake then it is stacked, secured and decorated.

Diaper cakes are a gift that any mother can use. The other gifts that can be put in a diaper cake will also be helpful. This unique gift can also be part of the baby shower decorations. The creativity of the diaper cake will be appreciated by the mother and the guests. This is one gift that will be the center of attention at any baby shower. Whether you buy a diaper cake or making one, you will know that you are giving a unique and useful gift.