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Baby Shower Games – Let the Fun Begin

Printable Baby Shower Games

Everyone loves a baby shower. It is so exciting to see the expectant mother and share in the excitement of the new arrival. Traditionally, a friend of the family offers to give the baby shower but anyone can do it. Baby showers take some planning and it is important to schedule it when the mother is far enough along in the pregnancy to be showing well but not so far in advance that it is possible that she will go into labor. Once the sex of the baby is known it helps in the planning. This way you can have a pink or blue theme. Knowing the sex of the baby can help with the baby shower games also.

There are several expected requirements of the usual baby shower. There must be a decorative cake, and refreshments. There are usually balloons and baby decorations. There should be a decorative table for the presents and a special chair for the Mommy to be. The most exciting part of the baby shower is the baby shower games. This is the fun part of the party when everyone gets a chance to play the games and win a prize. There are some popular games that most everyone plays at the shower. One of these involves using a roll of toilet paper. Each participant pulls off enough toilet paper to estimate the amount it would take to most exactly wrap around the Mommy’s tummy.

Another popular game is to pass around a basket with baby items in it. Each participant has the chance to view the items in the basket for a few moments and then must pass it to the next person. Once everyone has had a chance to view the contents of the basket, a timer is set and everyone writes down as many items as they can remember. When the timer goes off, the person that guesses the most items in the basket wins the prize.

There are also pre-made games that you can buy. These come with hand-outs that you can give to the participants. All that you need are pencils and a timer. These readymade games have all sorts of fun ideas. There are matching games and fill in the blank quizzes and puzzles. All of the games allow people to relax and get to know each other and have a good time. When it’s time for the baby shower games, it’s time to let the fun begin.

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