What Is A Bridal Shower

What is a Bridal Shower?bigstock-Portrait-of-multiethnic-women--49727741

What is a bridal Shower? A bridal shower is a party that is traditionally thrown by close friends or family members for a future bride. This gives people a chance to celebrate the prospective bride’s good luck, show her attention, and also to give her gifts. Though wedding gifts are presented to both the bride and groom, bridal shower gifts are usually aimed more at the woman.

These days, North American bridal showers often have themes. Sometimes they are kitchen themes, and housewares are given to the bride. Sometimes, modern bridal showers are even a bit racy, and the bride gets lingerie and other items to enhance her romantic life. The women who are hosting the party might ask the bride what type of event she is most comfortable with. Visit some of The Party Stork’s Bridal Shower themes here.

It was traditional for only women to attend the actual bridal shower. There might have been a more general engagement party for men and women. Men might also have a party that was known as a “stag party,” which gave the groom a chance to have a wild night out with his male buddies before the wedding.

However, it is common to see co-ed bridal showers these days, with both men and women invited. Still, female-only bridal showers are still popular as they give the bride a chance to get together with female friends and relatives. Some lucky brides have multiple showers. For instance, she might have one thrown by her family, one by friends, and one at work.

What is a bridal shower gift, or what is a good gift? Some brides register at stores, so it is easy for guests to select an item from a list of things the bride really wants. Other times, the gift might be chosen based upon the theme of the party.

Now you should understand what is a bridal shower.

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