Slumber Party Ideas

bigstock-Slumber-Party-1661988Slumber Party Ideas for the Most Memorable Slumber Party Ever

Slumber parties all have one thing in common: Kids rarely sleep through the entire night. The kids may be in their pajamas, but that’s when the party is likely to get started. For parents, that means coming up with slumber party ideas that are child-friendly and entertaining. Activities also need to be good enough to tire the kids out so you can get some winks in, too, before they’re all up clamoring for pancakes. Focus on the food, the fantasy, and, of course, the fun to make your next kid’s slumber party a rip-roaring and snoring success.

Include great food in your slumber party ideas. Pizza is a comfort food that fills them up and makes them sleepy. Kids love to cook their own creations, so anything they have to assemble to eat will thrill them and keep them busy. Things like tacos and hot dogs with plenty of toppings are fun party foods. You can even have them bake their own cookies or muffins for the following morning – if they last that long.Fantasy
Activities with a theme make great slumber party ideas. Kids can pretend they’re at the beach, if you happen to have a pool. Include leis, sand, and even a fake shark or octopus floating in the water. For those without a pool, a backyard can also function as a makeshift campground, where you can tell ghost stories in the dark. Even if it rains, you can still create a themed slumber party by re-enacting your favorite game show or playing group computer games on the Wii indoors.Fun
Include a few activities to help the kids wind down. Create a playlist of movies or songs that you can use to keep them occupied, sitting in one spot. Board and card games can be fun with limited party attendees. Let them wear costumes, their pajamas, or bring along their stuffed toys. Whatever makes the night memorable, comfortable, and likely to get them to sleep is a good idea to include in your plans for the night.

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