Three Great Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games

If you’ll be throwing a baby shower sometime soon,then consider some of the great baby shower ice breaker games below! They are sure to get your party rolling and everyone having a great time.

The Name Game

A great ice breaker for a baby shower is anything that has to do with baby names. Give every person in your party a slip of paper and ask them to write down the parents’ names. Afterward, ask your guests to think up as many names as they can using the letters from the two names. (If one of the names is really short, include a middle name.) This can turn into quite the hilarious game if played with the right group of people!

Guess Who

If you have some relative strangers amongst you, and most of them are parents themselves, then this is a great and relevant game. Create a list of attributes that pertain to pregnancy and child rearing, such as “Has the most kids,” and “Attends every PTA meeting.” When it’s a guest’s turn to guess, read them an attribute, and they will have to decide who at the party fits it best! This can be an absolutely hilarious game as your guests get to know each other better.

Pregnancy Mad Libs

Out of all the baby shower ice breaker games, this one gets you thinking the most! Create a mad lib about pregnancy and child rearing, and let your guests fill in the rest! Creativity abounds, and you’ll be shocked at what some people say about “the miracle of life.”

Playing baby shower ice breaker games doesn’t have to be a snore. By trying any of the above, you are sure to have a great party that your guests will remember for years.

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