Coolest Birthday Cakes Ever

Three Ways to Design the Coolest Birthday Cakes Ever

Birthday cakes should tell something about the recipient, not just their age. The most successful birthday cakes are as quirky and individual as the birthday boy or girl. The Coolest birthday cakes don’t just tell a story, however, they tend to have a “wow” factor that makes them either so visually or artistically appealing that people can’t wait to take that first bite. Here are three examples of broad categories that you can use to create the most creative – and coolest – birthday cake out there.

1. Snack and Stack

What’s more tempting than a huge candy bar? If your birthday boy or girl has a favorite candy, it can be used to decorate the cake or use it as the entire motif. Don’t limit yourself to sweets, however. Snack foods come in plenty of different tastes, and some delightfully surprising cakes can be created to look like a juicy hamburger, a hot dog with all the fixings, or even a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Just the fact that your favorite cannoli or donut recipe is now a super-sized giant cake is enough to delight and amaze you. Check out this amazing Hamburger Cake from Amazing work Jasmin. She even gives a tutorial on how to make it. One of the coolest birthday cakes I have seen and certainly a Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Coolest Birthday Cakes

Hamburger Cake

2. Step into the Wild Kingdom

If you’ve got an animal lover whose birthday is coming, they will love the way you incorporate their preferences into the cake. Dog breeders will enjoy “frosted-furry” dog-shaped cakes, while cat lovers enjoy the round cakes with kitten ears. You can even create a Noah’s ark or zoo exhibit of the person’s favorite animals. Don’t restrict your imagination to real animals, there’s also room for unicorns and mermaids. When it comes to the wild kingdom, almost anything goes. I came across this adorable Noah’s Ark Cake just the other day. Check out Melissa’s tutorial at She says it’s pretty easy but I am not sure I would do as good of a job. It would be fun trying though!

Coolest Birthday Cakes Noahs Ark

3. Sports and Hobbies

Sports and hobbies are the perfect way to represent a birthday person’s preferences and celebrate their individuality. Painters can receive a palette cake with oozed globs of frosted paints around the edge. Football enthusiasts like football-shaped cakes. If that’s too traditional, opt for a football helmet cake to amp up the “cool” factor. Even girls who have no other hobby than shopping will enjoy a “purse” cake with a price tag still attached. The hobby doesn’t have to be conventional to be a fair target to use it in your next birthday cake design.

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