Baby Shower Etiquette

Proper Baby Shower Etiquette

The proper baby shower etiquette has relaxed a bit in recent times. But this can differ with the culture and traditions of the expectant mom. However, there are definitely some things to do and others to avoid. If you plan to throw a baby shower for a close family member or special friend, it might be prudent to pay attention to the wishes of the expectant mom so everything goes smoothly.

Baby Shower Etiquette

There might be some discussion about who should be the hostess. The mom-to-be could have close family members and a group of best friends. It is best if everybody can communicate. If not, it is certainly not unheard of for women to have more than one shower. Sometimes women even get three showers. One is held by her family, another by her group of close friends, and a third might be held at work.

Note that in some cultures, it is considered bad form to hold a shower before the baby is born. If you want to plan a shower for your friend, be sure and find out what she is comfortable with. Most of the time, American showers are held shortly before the baby is due.

Traditionally, these parties are only for women. This rule has also relaxed in recent times. If you are unsure, you should again defer to the mom-to-be. She might want to invite her husband, or she might prefer to have special time with her female relatives and friends.

Guests will expect to be fed. This could be snacks, dessert, or even a light meal. It really depends upon the time of day. If you plan to hold a shower during normal meal times, it is best to have some sort of meal there. Guests will expect it.

Proper baby shower etiquette involves conforming the wishes of the new parents, making guests feel comfortable, and having a good time.

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